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A simple local 1v1 game, where the goal is to try to eat your opponent!


One player can use wasd and the other player can use the arrow keys.
w - move forward
a - turn left
s - turn right
d - throw rock
Controllers are also supported

Move over a food item to eat it!  Food will make you bigger, but also slow you down.  Once you are big enough, you can eat your opponent!  But be careful, if your opponent gets food too, they might grow too big for you to eat!

If you can eat your opponent, your character will turn green, and your opponent will turn pink,

Pickup rocks to carry them with you!  Throw a rock at your opponent to make them drop some food.  If they have no food but are hit with a rock, they will be momentarily stunned!

If you run into your opponent while swimming, they will be stunned temporarily!

Background image for game from here


EatYourFriends.exe 13 MB

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